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About Us

WOOFAA develops and distributes ambient air quality monitoring and control products. Our solutions embrace applications for household, educational, communal and commercial sectors. Our team is well-versed in latest air purification, smart building, and Internet-of-Things technologies, giving you an effective and energy efficient solution to any of your odor and air quality problem.





  • 使用無線傳感器
  • 使用通用的物聯網網關,輕鬆實現第三方集成
  • 可從空氣質量監測擴展到水、光和聲噪,室內或室外

Air side heat exchange system ceiling mounted



  • 使用威發空淨花
  • 使用與工業級 DDC 和 PLC 系統相媲美的先進控制設備
  • 可從空氣質量監控擴展到水、光和聲噪,室內或室外



  • 使用煥發空淨吧
  • 按照您的項目需求定製

空淨專門店 (HK$)



  • 日本無臭の國 – 室內除甲醛除臭消毒劑
  • 威德茶樹除臭化醛液
  • 椰殼活性碳空氣淨化包
  • 英國 V-Air® SOLID 香氛


  • Haltech 賽納威手持甲醛檢測儀
  • 威發狗 空氣質素檢測儀
  • Corentium 氡氣檢測儀
  • 希瑪 二氧化碳檢測儀


  • 米子 高容量 VOC淨化器
  • 淨空大師 大面積空氣除粉塵機
  • 白武士 坐地式殺菌除甲醛機
  • 小寶姐 靜音靜電空氣殺菌消毒機

Product Development

We develop air quality management equipment suitable for both mass production, and bespoke projects.


Cloud-based air quality monitoring system:

  • Use wireless sensosrs
  • Use universal IoT gateway for easy 3rd-party integration
  • Extendable from air quality to water, light, and noise monitoring, indoor or outdoor


Cloud-based air quality monitoring and control system:

  • Use WOOFAA Air
  • Add with advanced control system comparable to industrial grade DDC and PLC systems
  • Extendable from air quality to water, light, and noise monitoring, indoor or outdoor

WOOFAA Projects

Cloud-based environmental monitoring and control system:

  • Use WOOFAA Smart or WOOFAA Air
  • Bespoke to your project needs

Online Shop (US$)

We represent and distribute world class products, so to enhance your healthy living.

Purifying Materials

Passive type air cleaning materials:

  • ODL Kindgom – Patented catalystic liquid coating to remove odor and to decompose chemical air pollutants. Made in Japan.
  • SinoAir – Natural deodorant made by Austriain tea-tree (Leptospermum Laevigatum).
  • Granular Activated Carbon – Quality coconut charcoal powders packed in easy-to-use consumer packaging
  • Vectair – The British expert in aircare and odour control

IAQ Monitors

Different grades and purposes of monitoring tools are available. Recommended is this WOOFAA Dog, which is developed by us as an engineering trouble-shooting tool.

Air Purifiers

Different sizes and purposes of air purifying machines are available. Recommended is this Sterilizing Electrostatic Air Purifier, which is developed by us in compact size for personal use.

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